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The Valley of the Moon

In the heart of Tucson, there is a magical place called the Valley of the Moon.  This unique area was built by George Phar Legler in the 1920s.  He wanted to create a place that would appeal to the imaginations of children and would promote mental and spiritual healing to visitors of all ages.  Legler believed in fairies, ghosts and spirits and led tours of his self-made park that encouraged others to share his belief.  He particularly focused on kindness to others and felt that it is more important to be kind than right.  It is one man’s dream which morphed into an attraction for kids and was recently declared a Tucson Heritage landmark. This man was a delightfully eccentric and kind child of the Depression who helped countless out-of-work men stay housed, fed and clothed in exchange for ‘working’ on his property. Today, the park is open to events that encourage friends and families to gather for evening sing-a-longs, dragon hunts, storytelling, pot luck dinners, picnics, plays, musicians, fairies, arts and crafts activities and restoration of the park. Events focus on children and are totally non-commercial.

The Valley of the Moon is operated by volunteers who perform the following: landscaping, painting, planting, watering, building, costume design, make-up design, acting, tour following and much, much more! Valley of the Moon is regularly open and always FREE the first Saturday of every month, usually for a few hours around sundown. Donations are welcomed but not required. In addition to First Saturdays, Valley of the Moon is open throughout the year for a variety of special events, including theatrical fantasy adventures two or three times a year. These events are listed on the Valley of the Moon’s web site. The Valley of the Moon is located at 2544 East Allen Road, Tucson, AZ 85716. Phone 520-323-1331.

The Valley of the Moon is a very short drive from the Adobe Rose Inn B&B here in Tucson. Stay with us and perhaps fairies will help make your delicious breakfast.