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DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun

Just when you think you’ve missed the Gallery in the Sun because you’ve driven too far, you’ll see a small sign on the east side of the road announcing its presence.  Once at the Gallery, you’ll discover the art and architect of Ted DeGrazia.  Renown for his paintings of children and ceremonies indigenous to the Southwest, DeGrazia worked is just about every artistic medium.  He created a nondenominational chapel and then painted a fighting cock on the inside left wall.  Commissioned to create a crown of the desert, he did and his results are stunning.  He was skilled at portraying the history of Father Kino which you can follow as you enjoy the gallery which DeGrazia once used as his home.  

Enjoy the video which chronicles his life and his eccentricities.  After a relaxed and delicious breakfast at the Adobe Rose Inn, explore the gallery.  It’s a short drive from the centrally located Adobe Rose – be sure to make your reservation today!