About Adobe Rose Inn Bed & Breakfast
  • University of Arizona

    The Adobe Rose Inn is located just two blocks east of campus in the prestigious Sam Hughes Neighborhood, a National Historic District. This enables visitors to the “U” to be able to walk to campus without needing a car and trying to find parking. As an additional benefit, our guests enjoy strolls through our historic neighborhood. Most of the homes were built from the 1920’s through the 1950’s. Our tree-lined neighborhood is an eclectic mix of 1,226 homes whose style includes mission revival, inspired by California Churches, and pueblo revival, a reworking of Indian dwellings, as well as craftsman, international and ranch.

  • Jim and Marion Hook
    Marion and Jim Hook

    Marion and Jim Hook are excited to be the innkeepers of the Adobe Rose Inn. Both feel that their previous careers have been invaluable in helping them establish one of the most sought after bed and breakfasts in Tucson. Read more below!

  • Pancakes & Intellect

    Our breakfasts are renowned for healthy, delicious food and for stimulating conversation. Marion is a master at creating unique, delicious three course breakfasts that cater to any and all dietary preferences. Many of our guests tell us that they do not need lunch after enjoying our breakfasts. In addition, with our close proximity to the university, we have guests visit us from all over the world. We often have astronomers, psychologists, neuroscientists, optical scientists, cell biologists, historians, linguists, poets and anthropologists at our breakfast table. They are visiting the university as colloquium speakers, faculty candidates and research collaborators. We have found these guests to have wide interests and are excellent communicators. After staying with us for 4 days, one of our guests signed our guestbook describing the breakfast experience as “pancakes with intellect!”

  • Sam Hughes

    Many people ask us, “Who is the Sam Hughes that your neighborhood is named after?” Like most history, the stories of Sam Hughes vary according to the historian telling that story. Sam Hughes was a Welsh immigrant who came to the US in 1837 at the age of eight. He never attended a day of formal schooling. Hughes became a successful merchant or miner or hotelier during the California gold rush, but developed what was probably tuberculosis. Urban myth tells us that friends in California advised him to go to the southwest because the dry climate there might help him to recover. Supposedly, he ended up in Tucson or a tiny town outside of Tucson because his stagecoach driver, fearing that Hughes was about to die, insisted that he get off. He did just that. He obviously recovered from his illness. In 1862, Sam Hughes married Atanacia Santa Cruz, a 12 year old orphan who lived with her sister. Hughes was 27 or 29 years old when they married. Sam Hughes helped to establish churches and schools while also engaging in several businesses, working as Adjutant General of Arizona, as a councilman and a mine owner. Atanacia and Sam had fifteen children. Eight or ten of them survived to adulthood. Hughes died in 1917 and Atanacia died in 1934.

  • photo of Adobe Rose Inn
    Adobe Construction

    The main house of the Adobe Rose Inn was built in the 1930’s of adobe brick. Adobe is a natural building material made from sand, clay, water, and some kind of fibrous or organic material (sticks, and straw), which the builders shape into bricks (using frames) and dry in the sun. When the main house was built, 2nd street was a dirt road. We’ve been told that the workmen dug up 2nd street to obtain the material used to make the adobe bricks. We tell our guests, “Not only are you staying ON 2nd street, you’re staying IN 2nd street”.

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A Southwest B&B that just feels like home.

Originally built in 1933, the Adobe Rose Inn Bed and Breakfast is located in the historic Sam Hughes neighborhood in Central Tucson, just two blocks east of the University of Arizona (UA) and only four blocks from the new Sun Link Tucson Streetcar. Nestled in this architecturally diverse neighborhood, the Adobe Rose Inn is an ideal stop for vacationers, parents of students, and professional travelers. Visit the Photo Gallery for pictures of the inn and its rooms.

Amenities of the inn include swimming pool, hot tub, numerous courtyards and free wireless internet (WiFi). The inn also supplies complimentary 2-for-1 entrance to many local attractions and we honor all major credit cards.

Our rooms are well-equipped with air conditioning, coffee makers, robes, toiletries, cable TV and complementary beverages.

Meet Jim and Marion

Marion and Jim Hook are excited to be the innkeepers of the Adobe Rose Inn. Both feel that their previous careers have been invaluable in helping them establish one of the most sought after bed and breakfasts in Tucson.

Marion worked in the field of education, both domestically and abroad, for more than 30 years. For the past 2 decades before coming to the Adobe Rose Inn, she developed programs for international guests of the US government. Her work often involved hosting international dignitaries for an evening, a weekend or several weeks. She even prepared and served lunch to former Indonesian President Habibi.

Jim worked in the people side of Information Technology for over 30 years as a systems designer, as a management consultant, and as a sales executive. Several themes have been consistent throughout Jim’s diverse careers – excellent, high quality customer service; flexibility and enjoying people.

Marion and Jim’s interests include travel (they’ve traveled to 15 international countries and most of the States in the US), lively conversation, food, global events, and blues, jazz, and rock ‘n roll. They welcome the opportunity to host you at the Adobe Rose Inn and make you feel welcome in their home.

Are We the Best B&B in Tucson?

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"One night honeymoon bliss! We were lucky enough to have the whole inn to ourselves when we came to Tucson for a short honeymoon trip!"
- Adobe Rose Guest

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